There’s a lot to be said for making excuses. We live in a world of reasons why we should never have to work hard, put ourselves out there, or take risks.  My favorite in the past three years has been, “I worked all day.” But these things are a part of living.

Realizing I hadn’t painted in three years, or finished a single written work in months, I felt a gaping hole in my life.  I started this project in the interest of accountability.  Primarily this blog will consist of three things:

 Poetry, short stories, periodic creative writing contests, and personal entries.  Articles on topics such as health, fitness, parenting, military lifestyle, marriage, food, etc.
Art. Some of my own, and some featured works by friends and acquaintances.  Painting, pencil-and-ink, photography, and more.
Goal-tracking. Fitness and health, family, career, education, and personal development.  I will also include useful resources for those who are on their own self-development journey.

To view all content in one place, check out the Blog page.  If you are looking for something specific, look at the archives/navigation menus at the top.  I hope that you enjoy what you find here; comments, questions, and criticism are encouraged.

What’s New: New  guest post, and chapter teaser!

My goal is to make a life of MORE – more of the things I love, more of my talents, more off my to-do list, more connections, more hope, more mess – and perhaps, to help you do the same.


6 Responses to About

  1. Thanks for following my blog. Going to poke around yours. Cheers! Ellen


  2. gjoelfranco says:

    Love your blog! FYI…the links under FOLLOW ME don’t work (at least not for me)…the ones in the ABOUT ME section do…


  3. gjoelfranco says:

    Do you have an e-mail? I’d love to invite you be a guest blogger on our new weekly series beginning in Sept. about “What do stories mean to you”…let me know if interested, and hope you are!


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