12 Week Experiment

I became much more active after I enlisted.  Even more so once I got to DLI, and met someone who taught me how to push myself and motivated me to want to constantly improve.  I am always 10366182_452594394884785_2358633348287675546_nlooking out for new workouts, routines, and exercises that push me to the next level – and in Afghanistan, I have nothing but time.

Together with my dear friend Kennedy, I decided a couple of weeks ago to embark on a more intense health and fitness challenge than I had done previously on my own.  This consists of three components.

One, 0445-0600 workouts following **Kayla Itsines’ 12-Week-Bikini-Body program (don’t mind the name, the program is great).

Two, cleaner and more consistent eating.  I have a tendency while depressed or bored to indulge in junk food and often skip meals.

Three, 1930-2045 evening workouts to compliment the morning routine.  This is a little more free-form and without any specific guidelines.  This time is more about me taking some personal time to be one with myself, and find my center.  That might sound cheesy, but when you are around the same people 24/7 without a break for months, it begins to wear you down no matter how much you enjoy their company.

Today marks the end of the first week easing into this routine.  We took photos and weight on Monday morning, and in three weeks we will do it again.  In three weeks’ time I will have some more feedback on Kayla’s program, and specific physical changes I have noticed.

**To check out Kayla’s 12-week program, click here.


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Slowly branching out, expanding my interests, networking, and developing my skills. Reading is my first love, but family is my greatest.
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