12-Week Experiment: Week 3

I am approximately 2 1/2 weeks into my 12-week workout plan by Kayla Itsines.  I am at a point where I feel I can safely begin giving some feedback.

 Every two weeks on Monday morning, we weigh in; every four weeks on Monday morning, we take progress photos.  This week we weighed in, and I have lost 6lbs.  Losing weight wasn’t the goal, but it was neat to see evidence of my body’s changes.

I am able to bench press 10lbs more than I could when I started.  Making steady progress.  I am finding my two workouts per day easier, and having to push myself harder.  We have begun doubling up on our morning workouts to do two supersets rather than one circuit, and adding extra weight lifting.

During the day, I have more energy.  I am more alert, and my mood is improved.  At night, I sleep more easily and through the night, rather than waking up every couple hours.

So far I find the program highly enjoyable.  I recommend it highly for anyone who is trying to be more active, but not a total beginner – a basic level of cardiovascular fitness is required.


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Slowly branching out, expanding my interests, networking, and developing my skills. Reading is my first love, but family is my greatest.
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